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JESSICA PARE Interview with ELLE « Encore Entertainment

October 31, 2012
JESSICA PARE Interview with ELLE
MAD ABOUT YOU: JESSICA PARÉ. She dazzles in Mad Men’s vibrant vintage, but season five’s breakout star is equally comfortable in luxe leathers, power-tailoring silhouettes, and bad-girl accents. When Don Draper fell for his secretary at the end of Mad Men’s fourth season, it was hard to believe our favorite corner-office cad had changed his ways. Then, at the dawn of 17-months-delayed season five, we were confronted with every superfan’s worst nightmare: a happily married Draper. More surprising than his newfound fidelity was the fact that Don’s gorgeous bride, Montreal-bred Megan—played by Jessica Paré with an early kick of feminist flair—seemed to be the first woman capable of putting him in his place. And despite our initial tsk-tsking, who could resist Megan’s breathy birthday party rendition of the 1960s French pop song “Zou Bisou Bisou,” with which she fearlessly declared her modernity—and her sexual liberation? “Megan wears shorter hemlines, and there’s a lot more color blocking. Her hair is looser than the other women’s. It moves. All of that is a harbinger of what’s to come,” says Paré, who, like her character, is from Montreal. The 31-year-old has been steadily working since playing an experimental teen in 2001’s Lost and Delirious, with additional credits in films such as Wicker Park and Hot Tub Time Machine. “Don and Roger’s day is nearing its end,” she asserts. And while Megan’s youthful optimism appeared to be the antidote to Draper’s increasing anxiety and paranoia, by season’s end we’ve learned that the statuesque beauty isn’t what she seems either. “It’s a show about people who are hiding things,” Paré says. “Everyone has something under the hood.” Reposted from: ELLE Magazine Online, June 2012

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